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Am currently using this following YouTube account just below (as John Grant) for video uploads.
 our new video link


Please scroll down for two older video links…

Recently began using a Vimeo account (below) when my original YouTube account (windinsight) was somehow reassigned to my wife.

At some point, a few years ago, I couldn't upload to my original YouTube account (below) anymore using Nancie's name and password or for that matter any other way that I tried.   I simply gave up in frustration and quietly opened an account with Vimeo.   The YouTube disappointment still remains a huge mystery to me.   YouTube can't be reached for a comment or assistance from users at my level.   On-line forums could not assist me either.


Windinsight's original YouTube account from 2006 - 2013 containing the original 54 videos…
 our old video link

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