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      June 21st 2019     A simpler resolve…

Kept all photog gear, both computers, and modified workflow, storage issues, and computer loads.

Refreshed both computers, made repairs as needed, moved all files to external storage, and not keeping anything on cards or computers for more than a month.

Using the iPhone exclusively for travel except for Hatteras and sailing ventures.

Working on improving camera technique to help compensate for using older technology.

Not worrying about more is less, less is more, more is more, or less is less.   Proceeding to upgrade & simplify windsurfing gear as needed and simply get on with it all.

Diet, exercise, friends, family, sailing, hiking about, the gym, and working toward achieving the personal health possible, one day at a time.

*       *       *

  (on-going)     October 20th, 2018 - November 10th, 2018     Here's the result of some needed change currently required to both simplify and improve site maintenance, workflow, and accessibility.   Have seriously thought about the following issues at hand, set some new workable objectives, simplified storage issues, sourced some new gear that will be purchased by spring 2019, and have reworked this site with the hope it will all improve.   Let's see how it all plays out.

Working Objectives And Considerations:

☑   Simplified storage and seasonal archives.   ☑   Now keeping one collective (automatic save) photogallery to help improve time by not having to rewrite & upload duplicate picture files & write/link new pages.   Will create handy seasonal folders for spring, summer, and fall that can also be easily archived and accessed.   Winter trips (including sightseeing, & maybe some sailing and windsurfing) will be included, but not kept.   Winter will be sporadically active with a few uploads as we wander about away from home for now.   Mid November through late March will mostly become a site recess waiting for spring and the OBX of North Carolina.

☑ Explore other web based templates & formats.     Some available are very good and very capable.   WIS is maybe a bit too deep in my head and heart to let it go for now, plus it can be easily modified to accommodate whatever need arises.

☑ Consider how long (all or some) archived files should be kept, deleted, reinstated, or stored.   For now keep all old links & files available in a handy archive and ☑ move them about appropriately as decided.   ☑ Simplify, and improve all links by November 30th.

☑   Keep it all simple and tidy.   Eliminate the unnecessary, including any cause, opinion, gossip, dogma, anything partisan, whatever…

☑ Check all archived files.   Correct, tidy up, & update each page as required.   Add or redirect old links so all pages go to one return index collection that includes all the go to files for each year.   ☑ Expected completion - mid November 2018.

Will use only the better photog files captured (less is more), and strive to achieve getting better zoom shots especially in overhead & backlit conditions.

☑   Focus primarily on windsport & watersport as a site photog objective.   ☑   (Use FB for travel, family, and personal photo storage albums.)

Consider and use any worthwhile advice.   Not sure as to how to seek objective input or if it's actually possible.   Only a handful of people have ever commented any thoughts whatsoever about the construction or content of windinsight.   That said, I'd welcome and seriously consider any useful input.

Simplify, lighten, & upgrade photog gear and purchase new capable laptops as needed to keep up with advancing technologies.   Establish a reasonable budget for the following purchases.

        1.   Considering ~ a smaller, lighter, capable camera with 2 lenses ~ a CANON R W/ RF24 & a 105MM F4 L IS LENS with an R MOUNT ADAPTER W/ CONTROL RING   &                   an EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS USM lens with a Canon Extender EF 2X III.
        2.   (yes)   ~ 2018 MacBook Pro 15 inch and another for Nancie (her choice)

☑   Maintain a daily posting using archived files or maybe post a few fresh wandering about pics when watersport photog activity is off season.

Remember that great decisions made alone or shared, while drinking, in a hot tub, late at night, with a cigar, or whatever else, might not actually be great decisions.   And also try find some peace within the ever on-going struggle involved in less is more, more is less, or maybe more is more.   In windsurfing more is more, that's for sure.

Try to work it all out over the next 9 months, change the site as needs become recognized, and mindfully evaluate progress within these objectives by July 31st, 2019.

      ☑   Signifies that these issue are being or have been addressed.

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