finally, a working definition of the response...
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Remember Pavlov's conditioned-reflex experiments? Well, the wind is a trigger for surf response with windsurfers and kiters.
It becomes increasingly difficult to concetrate on other things when it's blowing 25 knots and the waves are building...

Any attempt to define or explain surf response is at best a work in progress...

I remember singing the hymn below one Sunday, many years ago, realizing (in an inspirational leap of faith) that I should be able to improve my jibes through sheer will as the verse, written below, strongly proclaims.

The trees outside were moving like dancers in the wind which was getting stronger, I glanced at my watch wondering
what the waves and wind were like on Lake Erie and how long it would take me to get there, rig, and launch...
(My wife thinks that this is a form of Human Surf Response Disorder.)

(She may have a form of Human Surf Response Deficit.)

                  Since what we choose is what we are,
                and what we love we yet shall be,
                the goal may ever shine afar,
                the will to win it sets us free.

                                Anglican (Episcopal) Hymn (the red book) ~ p. 161, verse 5

Ponder this - Is it better to think about God and the wonder of wind and waves when you're windsurfing or sit in church on a windy day and think about windsurfing?

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