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Currently using this page for all archived storage, nothing has actually changed but the placement of sections and pictures.   The file load on home & away computers has been hugely lightened…

Portable external hard drives will serve as temporary storage for any original full sized files.   Original files (of you) are kept for about a month and are available on request before being deleted.

Original site links just below.

for friends and family for friends and family
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        December 10th, 2016     Site is reorganizing and simplified with only a few lingering glitches remaining…

Both The iMac (home based computer) and the MacBook (laptop travel computer) will be cleaned out and renewed in the near future.

All files are being deleted or temporarily stored externally to begin computer life as new machines.   Sigh.

Windinsight.com and all related or worthwhile files have been saved either on the server, the Apple Time Machine, or new portable, external hard drives.

Original files will be kept on an external drive for about 30 - 60 days before deleting them permanently.   (My many 1000s of RAW files and uploaded pics, videos, etc. take up HUGE computer/storage space.)

For now the complete original site can still be accessed through the Archives link located here, just a click away from the Contact Page.
Or when visiting any of the past time travels you can click on the Return To Hatteras/Lakes/Trip/etc. icons and you will be redirected to all of the original site as well.

Simply return to the Main Page or leave any part of the site at any time as usual.

Only a very small working part of the site will be carried on the two computers at any given time.   All the rest of windinsight.com will be saved on the server and backed up on external hard drives so there is virtually no real change except maybe for some stumbling around for a while.

This will keep both computers working quickly and relatively uncluttered now and in the future.
SailFlow ~ Lakes Erie & Ontario windy days, small talk, and instructional links  WindAlert ~ Lakes Erie and Ontario

SailFlow ~ Lakes Erie & Ontario SailFlow ~ Lakes Erie & Ontario windy days, small talk, and instructional links  WindAlert ~ Lakes Erie and Ontario  WindAlert ~ Lakes Erie and Ontario

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A few near abandoned, one rather lightly probing exploration, and some other earlier projects hidden away here in the basement storage shelves.   Older html may not show well on some computer operating systems…

 wandering about  wandering about  Madeira

 misc shots  misc older shots  Human Surf Response - November 2006  November 2006

 misc shots

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 misc shots

 Rate any of those windsurfing moves!  Windsurfing terminology.  a pretty good sail size guide for windy days.

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